A word about the Paige Patterson controversy and the SBC at large

A second civil war in the SBC (first was the Conservative Resurgence) has, in my estimation, been inevitable for well over a decade. Still, the way it’s beginning to take shape is excruciating to watch.

While I appreciate the contributions of Paige Patterson during the Conservative Resurgence, I have long had reservations about his leadership. The revelations of the past few weeks and days are nothing less than shocking, disappointing, disheartening, and disgusting. That said, the decision of the SWBTS trustees to name Patterson President Emeritus, Theologian in Residence, pay him, and give him a place to live for the rest of his life is equally disgusting.

Christians should never expect to be loved or even understood by the world, but half-measures in dealing with sinful behavior are a horrible witness of both the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. I dread that SWBTS trustees have signaled to the world that taking care of a SBC untouchable is more important than a clear message to everyone, but especially women, that the type of behavior being condoned and swept under the rug is reprehensible and criminal.

These are sad days and sad times for the Southern Baptist Convention. It is my sincere prayer there might be true unity around the gospel of Jesus Christ, a bedrock commitment not only to the inerrancy, but the sufficiency of Scripture, and an earnest pursuit of holiness amongst individuals, churches, and convention entities.


Now that we have a name I suppose I’ll talk about it here. For the past couple of months I and another pastor friend have been working on the beginnings of a new church — Awake Church. My family and I are very excited about this. As a local assembly of the body of Christ we are committed to do what the Head has told us to do in Scripture.

We currently meet at Buggytown Coffee (201 S McNeill St, Carthage) on Sunday mornings at 11:00.

Please be in prayer for this new work of God, that He might be glorified, His people edified, and our community evangelized.

2018 FIFA World Cup results revealed!

The draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup was done today. Now all we have to do is wait until June for it to begin, and then July for the final. But never fear. I’ve taken the time right here, right now to give you the results of every game this summer. Enjoy!



Group A

Russia 2-1 Saudi Arabia; Uruguay 2-0 Egypt
Egypt 1-0 Russia; Uruguay 3-0 Saudi Arabia
Uruguay 1-1 Russia; Egypt 2-0 Saudi Arabia

Uruguay 7, Egypt 4, Russia 4, Saudi Arabia 0 (Egypt advances on goal differential)

Group B

Iran 1-0 Morocco; Portugal 2-1 Spain
Portugal 2-0 Morocco; Spain 3-1 Iran
Spain 3-0 Morocco; Portugal 1-1 Iran

Portugal 7, Spain 6, Iran 4, Morocco 0

Group C

France 3-1 Australia; Peru 0-0 Denmark
France 2-0 Peru; Denmark 0-1 Australia
France 1-0 Denmark; Peru 2-1 Australia

France 9, Peru 4, Australia 3, Denmark 1

Group D

Iceland 0-1 Argentina; Croatia 1-0 Nigeria
Argentina 1-0 Croatia; Iceland 2-1 Nigeria
Argentina 4-0 Nigeria; Iceland 1-2 Croatia

Argentina 9, Croatia 6, Iceland 3, Nigeria 0

Group E

Costa Rica 1-1 Serbia; Brazil 2-0 Switzerland
Brazil 3-0 Costa Rica; Serbia 2-1 Switzerland
Costa Rica 1-2 Switzerland; Brazil 1-0 Serbia

Brazil 9, Serbia 4, Switzerland 3, Costa Rica 1

Group F

Germany 3-1 Mexico; Sweden 2-0 South Korea
Germany 2-0 Sweden; Mexico 1-0 South Korea
South Korea 0-4 Germany; Mexico 1-2 Sweden

Germany 9, Sweden 6, Mexico 3, South Korea 0

Group G

Belgium 3-0 Panama; England 1-0 Tunisia
Tunisia 0-1 Belgium; England 2-2 Panama
Panama 1-1 Tunisia; England 1-1 Belgium

Belgium 7, England 5, Panama 2, Tunisia 1

Group H

Poland 1-1 Senegal; Colombia 2-0 Japan
Japan 0-1 Senegal; Colombia 0-0 Poland
Colombia 2-1 Senegal; Poland 2-0 Japan

Colombia 7, Poland 5, Senegal 4, Japan 0


Round of 16
France 1-0 Croatia; Uruguay 0-1 Spain AET; Portugal 2-0 Egypt; Argentina 2-1 Peru; Brazil 2-0 Sweden; Belgium 0-0 (4-2) Poland; Germany 1-0 Serbia; England 1-1 (5-4) Colombia

France 2-1 Spain; Brazil 0-1 Belgium; Portugal 1-1 (4-3) Argentina; Germany 2-0 England

France 3-2 Belgium; Argentina 2-1 Germany AET

Third Place Game
Belgium 0-1 Germany

Final Match
France 2-4 Argentina

Lionel Messi gets his World Cup.

You’re welcome. Now let’s see how wrong I am. See you in Qatar (LOL)!

What MLS should be doing

Now to things that matter.

As you may have heard, Major League Soccer is in the expansion business. Not only are Atlanta United, Minnesota United, and Los Angeles FC coming aboard (and the Miami Beckhams joining somewhere in the wild blue yonder), but MLS has announced plans to expand from 24 to 28 in the next few years. Last week the league received bids from twelve cities vying for one of the expansion franchises.

This post isn’t so much about which cities should get those franchises — although St. Louis, Sacramento, Charlotte, and either Cincinnati or Detroit make the most sense to me. No, this post is about what MLS should look like once expansion happens.

Currently MLS divides its teams into two conferences, Eastern and Western, with regular season schedules weighted toward intra-conference games. The team with the most points at the end of the season gets the Supporters’ Shield, while top teams from each conference compete in playoffs to win the MLS Cup.

Now the problems with this are obvious and fundamental, at least to me (and I’m the one writing this). The Supporters’ Shield is irreparably tainted with unbalanced schedules, and with soccer being a sport historically emphasizing accomplishment over the whole of a season, the crap shoot that is the MLS Cup playoffs becomes the league’s way of Americanizing the most popular sport in the world.

So if MLS wants to expand to 28, I say make plans to eventually get that number to 32. Not immediately. The product is about to be diluted with expansion and you don’t want to shock the system that much. But eventually, get to 32. Continue reading “What MLS should be doing”

A word on my present and future

He said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked I shall return there. YHWH gave and YHWH has taken away. Blessed be the name of the YHWH.” – Job 1:21

As some of you may know, this evening I was terminated as the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The immediate cause is a decision of the church back in July to do so if and when the balance in the general fund dropped to a certain point, a decision reaffirmed by the church two Sundays ago. That balance threshold was reached this week, as I suspected it would be, and was officially informed tonight.

There is more to the story, of course, but not stuff I will speak about in this forum.

The whole thing is a punch to the gut to be sure, but one softened by the fact my wife and I have seen it coming for quite some time. We are also convinced of and are comforted by the sovereignty and goodness of God in all of this, and confident He will both provide and place us exactly where He wants us, when He wants us.

Our desire is to stay in the area. We have come to love Moore County and the friendships we have made in the past four years. Liz loves her teaching assistant position and the kids enjoy their school (and having Mommy right there, too). If it is at all possible, then, we won’t be going too far away. That said, as I consider where God might place me next as a pastor, my search won’t be restricted to this area.

Please pray for us, that we might exhibit godliness in thought, word, and deed, and that we might be obedient to God’s call and mean it when we sing, “Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go.” Pray also for our children, that as there is some hurt associated with the idea of their Daddy losing his job — and as pastor’s kids they see and hear more than most kids — that God might guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and they might not lose hope or become embittered against the church.

Thank you,

Matt Privett

Petra’s albums: #2 – More Power To Ya

Introductory Note: In appreciation of Petra’s fortieth year in music and ministry, I am ranking their albums from least best to greatest. You can read my opening post here. [Now, it should be noted that Petra’s fortieth year was in 2012, when I started this series. Better late than never in winding down to the end.]

More Power To Ya (1982, StarSong)

Lineup: Greg X Volz (lead vocals), Bob Hartman (guitars), Mark Kelly (bass), John Slick (keyboards), Louie Weaver (drums)

If there are two Petras — the first with Greg X Volz on vocals, the second with John Schlitt — then More Power To Ya is widely considered the pinnacle of the Volz era, the opener in a trio of great studio albums which vaulted Petra to the top of Christian pop/rock acts in the 1980s. You get plenty of guitar and drums on the album, of course, but the use of keyboards and modern synthesizers is elevated, creating a warmer overall sound. Continue reading “Petra’s albums: #2 – More Power To Ya”