Well it seems my post from a few days ago got noticed by at least one liberal blogger who believes the Bush Administration has avoided the press and has been “SILENCING AND INSULTING HELEN THOMAS.” Party on!

It seems my post on how the trend of the Obama campaign and transition has been to demonize and/or avoid news outlets that dare stray from the Democratic talking points struck a chord. You can read their side of the story here. My favorite line is this,

I’m looking forward to a President standing before the media again – even far right FOX. Frankly, it will be a delight to have a President who actually knows the language, and isn’t afraid to use it.

And it will be nice to watch as the Constitution, all of it, is restored.

That’s just precious, especially when you analyze President-Elect Obama’s comments in the past which show an underlying hostility for the Constitution and the way it limits federal government from doing all of the things his ideology desires.

What’s equally precious is this blogger’s appeal to the recent stories about the allegations of unnamed sources regarding Gov. Sarah Palin. This, of course, showed the kind of journalistic integrity that we can celebrate – freedom of the press and all. Notice how the media is once again in love with Sen. John McCain after his concession speech but continues to do a hatchet job on Palin. That’s because she is still a threat to them, while the Democrat’s favorite Republican is once again the Democrat’s favorite Republican.

Anyway, if blogs like that want to consider me an “ANGRY RIGHT-WING BLOGGER” then I will wear that badge with honor.

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