NPR aborts “pro-life” terminology

This afternoon Dr. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote the following on his Twitter account:

Language watch: NPR bans “pro-life,” now will refer to “abortion rights opponents.” So now “rights” trump “life.”

Pro-choice is now “abortion rights supporter(s)/advocates.” Pro-life is now “abortion rights opponents.” While it is acceptable to use the term “anti-abortion” it is not acceptable to use the term “pro-abortion rights.” Mohler is absolutely correct in asserting that now, according to taxpayer-funded National Public Radio, rights trump life. However, there is something far more insidious about what this new vocabulary represents.

What NPR is now logically asserting is that it is abnormal to oppose abortion. They are deliberately allowing those who oppose abortion to continually be defined by negative terminology (“anti-”), while at the same time denying the use of terminology that could possibly qualify the normality of abortion (“pro-abortion rights”).

Whether those making the decisions at NPR realize this or not, this shift is saying something very important about how NPR views those who support the legality of abortion and those who are pro-life.

To oppose abortion is to now be abnormal, outside of the mainstream. To oppose abortion, according to this new terminology, is not to primarily be concerning with the preservation of human lives, but to be in opposition to what abortion supporters believe are reproductive rights. Abortion opponents, then, are not pro-life, they are anti-rights, anti-freedom, according to NPR.

It might be easy to brush this off as nothing because, in the end, NPR doesn’t decide on policies, NPR doesn’t appoint judges, NPR doesn’t elect representatives. However, NPR is a publicly-funded organization that is supported by federal tax dollars. We have every right not only to be concerned about this, but to be outraged by it.

Furthermore, it is my contention that this shift in terminology will not end with National Public Radio, but will eventually spread to most, if not all, of the major media outlets. The die has been cast by those who would support a woman’s right to have the unborn child in her womb killed.

My advice to you, readers, is three-fold:

  1. Beseech God that He would, somehow and in some way, by His sovereign hand, end the atrocity of abortion and change the hearts of those who would support it.
  2. Short of Him doing that according to His sovereign decree, pay attention to the words people use. Words mean things. The continuing culture shift is reflected in how people communicate with one another, so be mindful. Pay attention, lest you be deceived.
  3. Finally, if you feel so led, contact your senators and your representative and let them know that you do not appreciate the direction of NPR and the attitude towards life reflected in their decision on vocabulary. Tell them that you would like to either see the people in charge of NPR replaced or see them defunded (my personal preference is the latter).

The protection of the unborn is no small matter. Therefore, as the guardians of life, those who oppose the treacherous murder of the innocent must stand firm toward any and all attempts to shape the culture in a way that further condones the slaughter of babies.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

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