Book Review: “Truth Endures” from Grace to You Ministry

Truth Endures: commemorating forty years of unleashing God’s truth one verse at a time 1969-2009, landmark sermons by John F. MacArthur Jr.
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How does one winnow over forty years of faithful biblical exposition down to twelve sermons? That is what Grace to You ministry did with the book Truth Endures: Landmark Sermons from 40 Years of Unleashing God’s Truth One Verse at a Time. The book consists of a wonderful introduction by Ian Murray, followed by twelve chapters, each a sermon from over the course of MacArthur’s continuing ministry at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.

MacArthur’s boldness in proclaiming the truth has inspired countless other preachers to do the same in the face of moral relativism and an era of watered-down gospel preaching. For example, his very first sermon at Grace Church was titled, “How to Play Church.” A couple of other sermons in the book include “A Jet Tour through Revelation” and “Making the Hard Decisions Easy.” The latter is a rare topical sermon from MacArthur that include great practical helps for things that may be considered gray areas for believers.

His sermon the Sunday after 9/11, titled “A Biblical Perspective on Death, Terrorism, and the Middle East” is an informative and moving sermon that teaches the listener (or in this case the reader) about why there is conflict, but of course, MacArthur ends up pointing right to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sermons are a little long for what one might consider a devotional, but that’s how I would recommend reading it. One per day and you’re done with the book in less than two weeks. I will say that this is one book I will keep on my shelf (or my Kindle as it were) and go back to as a resource.

MacArthur has long been a hero of the faith to me, so you may think me biased, but as a believer, and more than that, a pastor, I couldn’t encourage you enough to buy this book and read some of the best sermons from one of the best Bible teachers in the modern era.

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