New Jerusalem: New words to an old tune

As I prepared last year to preach the final Sunday of the year, December 26, I stumbled across some stuff at Desiring God related to the text I would be preaching – Romans 16:25-27. John Piper had finished preaching through Romans a few years earlier and I found the transcript of his sermon on this text helpful. However, what really drew my attention was a hymn he had written, inspired by those verses, to the tune of “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.” A little inspired, I took the two verses he penned and added two of my own. You can see the lyrics here.

Since then I have wanted to do more of that. I don’t consider myself talented enough to write my own music, but I have put new lyrics to the tune of one other old hymn. The product is below. It’s not a finished product, so if you have any suggestions I’ll be happy to hear them. If you want to use this in your church, by all means, do it. I only ask that you not plagiarize. Give due credit. In fact, you can just cut and paste what is below. I hope you are edified.

New Jerusalem
Lyrics by Matt Privett, to the tune of “Come, Thou Fount”

Holy city, sent from heaven / Gift from God, His glory shown.
In its great, surpassing brilliance / Like its Maker on the throne.
This is our eternal city / This is our eternal land.
In this place of peace we’ll praise Him / in the New Jerusalem.

There’s no temple in this city / for the Lord’s the dwelling place.
For all sinners who’ve come needy / through the gospel of His grace.
Jesus Christ has shed His own blood / Son of God the spotless Lamb.
We’ll partake of His Passover / in the New Jerusalem.

Sin is absent in this city / Sin’s abolished through His power
Holy judgment upon Satan / And all sinners who will cower
Only justice, love, and mercy / From the lips of gloried man.
Ceaseless praise of the Almighty / in the New Jerusalem.

He’s the Alpha and Omega / The beginning and the end
Jesus left His place of glory / Became man and conquered sin.
Always God He’ll ever be God / Sovereign Lord who knows no end.
Trust in Him and you’ll be living / in the New Jerusalem.

Author: Matt Privett

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