Introducing the “Queen James Bible”

And you thought the KJV-Onlyism was bad? Well, what then should we make of the Queen James Bible, a new “translation” of Scripture claiming to be the “first gay-friendly Bible to correctly interpret the Christian Scriptures”? You can buy it on Amazon, but I’m not going to provide you a link. Suffice it to say, the small amount of the translation I’ve seen, stuff that would distinguish it from, you know, an actual translation of the Hebrew and Greek, is enough to see that this isn’t a translation, per se, but a socio-political screed. 

The thing of it is, while the thought of people doing this and shoveling it onto bookshelves purporting it to be Christian Scripture is repulsive and abominable, it’s not at all surprising, and that’s the real commentary here. We’ve come to a place in our culture where this doesn’t shock us, and therein lies the real condemnation. Sexual immorality has supersaturated our society, becoming so prevalent that even the most heinous acts, things which we wouldn’t contemplate seeing in the public square twenty years ago, are commonplace at all hours of the day on our television sets.

To be sure, the movers and shakers of television have overrepresented the homosexual population on their shows, shoving the behavior down our throats and thus normalizing it in the culture. As a result, the culture, and even the church, has become desensitized to the sin of it all, to the point where it’s more common to hear about a church or denomination caving in on real Scripture for the purpose of “reaching people” or being “loving” and “relevant,” rather than standing firm on biblical authority and inviting the scorn of society for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Homosexuality and other forms of sinful sexual deviancy are on the rampage and it shows no sign of changing, perhaps until the return of Jesus Christ. Thus, as Christians, we must be prepared, and eager even, to proclaim the way, the truth, and the life, and the fact that no one comes to God the Father but through His Son. And since He is Lord and has declared, in legitimate Scripture, that homosexuality is sin, we must be salt and light and strongly, but lovingly, call all men everywhere to repent and believe in the gospel.

Author: Matt Privett

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