Ministering to your pastor’s wife

Ryan Huguley of Redemption Bible Church has a great post titled “6 Ways To Serve Your Pastor’s Wife On Sunday.” These are simple things you and others in your church can do that can go along way toward blessing your pastor’s wife, which in turn will minister to your pastor, which in turn will make it a joy for him to shepherd you, fulfilling Hebrews 13:17.

Here is the list, but he expounds on each of these:

  1. Remember that Sunday’s are different for her.
  2. Pray for her.
  3. Have realistic expectations of her.
  4. Encourage her.
  5. Go talk to her.
  6. Don’t forget she has kids.

These are so easy to do and go so far. I encourage you to read the entire post.

Author: Matt Privett

Christian. Husband. Father. Pastor.

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