A tale of 20 years: Albert Mohler and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I’m a few years removed now from my time in Louisville, and if home is where the heart is my citizenship is in heaven while my body is here in Carthage, NC. That said, I’m very thankful for the time I spent in the Bluegrass State, and even more for the presidency of Albert Mohler at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As a graduate of Boyce College who started my Masters at SBTS before moving to Ohio for a while, I was a direct recipient of the good God has wrought through Mohler’s presidency. He is a man with the conviction to lead (pun intended for those who get it), and the seminary and Southern Baptists are better off for it.

This week’s convocation at SBTS marks the twentieth anniversary of Mohler’s time there as President. Southern has changed drastically in that time, as a school enslaved to the tides of theological liberalism was taken back for the mission for which it was founded.

Do yourself a favor and first read this. It is the text of Mohler’s inaugural convocation address on August 31, 1993, entitled “Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There.” In it he set the tone for what would come at the school, to the glory of God.

After you are done reading that, watch the video below. It’s Mohler’s 21st convocation address, given yesterday, entitled “Don’t Just Stand There – Say Something: The Sin of Silence in a Time of Trouble.”

Thank you, Dr. Mohler. May your tribe increase.

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