A word about the Paige Patterson controversy and the SBC at large

A second civil war in the SBC (first was the Conservative Resurgence) has, in my estimation, been inevitable for well over a decade. Still, the way it’s beginning to take shape is excruciating to watch.

While I appreciate the contributions of Paige Patterson during the Conservative Resurgence, I have long had reservations about his leadership. The revelations of the past few weeks and days are nothing less than shocking, disappointing, disheartening, and disgusting. That said, the decision of the SWBTS trustees to name Patterson President Emeritus, Theologian in Residence, pay him, and give him a place to live for the rest of his life is equally disgusting.

Christians should never expect to be loved or even understood by the world, but half-measures in dealing with sinful behavior are a horrible witness of both the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. I dread that SWBTS trustees have signaled to the world that taking care of a SBC untouchable is more important than a clear message to everyone, but especially women, that the type of behavior being condoned and swept under the rug is reprehensible and criminal.

These are sad days and sad times for the Southern Baptist Convention. It is my sincere prayer there might be true unity around the gospel of Jesus Christ, a bedrock commitment not only to the inerrancy, but the sufficiency of Scripture, and an earnest pursuit of holiness amongst individuals, churches, and convention entities.

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