What happens to babies that die?

It’s perhaps the most emotionally heart-tugging issue in all of biblical and theological debate: What happens to that child, born or unborn, that dies? What happens to the person who might be severely mentally handicapped from birth and not be able to process truth? The responses to these questions go to some of the core doctrines of the Bible.

Can parents find solace in the fact that their child is in the presence of the Lord? Is their child in the presence of the Lord? Or must parents live out the remainder of their days not knowing what happened to their dead child?

Like any good debate there are multiple views on this question. Very godly men disagree on what the right answer is. Some men a lot smarter than I am who love Jesus Christ have thrown their hands up and determined that we can’t know the answer. I don’t believe that’s the case. Continue reading “What happens to babies that die?”