What Democrats thought about JFK

I found this little leaflet in the church the other day. One of the kids must have been messing around in the church library, where it was probably stuffed in an old book. Anyway, I found some of the contents fascinating considering our current President and how his election in 2008 came to be.

The leaflet was published by the Republican National Committee in 1960, the year then Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy defeated then Republican Vice President Richard Nixon to become President of the United States.

Here are some of the quotations from Democrats regarding the man who would become President and, even in death, is an icon to this day of Democratic politics:

Harry Truman, former President (1945-1953), in the New York Herald Tribune on July 3, 1960,

Senator, are you certain that you are quite ready for the country or that the country is ready for you in the role of President in January, 1961? I am greatly concerned and trouble about the situation we are up against in the world now and in the immediate future. That is why I would hope that someone with the greatest possible maturity and experience would be available at this time.

Kennedy was, obviously, one of the youngest Presidents our country has ever had, and there were many questions about his experience. Continue reading “What Democrats thought about JFK”