The audacity of “HOW?” (Mal 1:1-5)

We know from 2 Timothy 3:16 that all Scripture is God’s word. It is all breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. So that means we need all of it, and there is none of it that doesn’t do us good. But that said, at least in the Old Testament, there may be no prophet who spoke to and wrote in times eerily similar to our own than the last of them — Malachi.

Malachi paints us a picture of what Israel was like at the very end of Old Testament history, and it wasn’t pretty. Yes, the temple had been rebuilt after the Jews returned to their land from exile, but conspicuous by its absence was faithfulness in religious practice (at least the way God has decreed it to be). It’s a great problem in the twenty-first century American church as well. For Malachi this problem manifested itself in mixed marriages, priestly defilement, and the neglect of tithes. Nehemiah, as civil governor, would address these problems, but it would be foolish to think God’s voice being heard through the voice and writing of Malachi was not also very important.

So with that said, and an introduction already done, let’s consider the first five verses of the book, Malachi 1:1-5: Continue reading “The audacity of “HOW?” (Mal 1:1-5)”

Electoral post-mortem: Where do we go from here?

Barack Obama is the President of the United States, and that won’t be changing come January 20. As I type this out the President has taken a slim lead in the popular vote and will end up winning a second term with an electoral landslide of 332-206. Governor Romney is just beginning his concession speech (about an hour and a half too late).

For convictional Christians this is an awfully tough pill to swallow. To be sure, it is hard to imagine how Obama was re-elected given how under his administration the national debt has increased by over six trillion dollars (an increase of over 60%), unemployment is higher than when he took office, and a healthcare reform bill that will inevitably kill jobs and take away personal freedoms was shoved through without a single Republican vote or serious consultation.

Hard to imagine, for sure, but absolutely tragic that he has been re-elected given his unqualified support for abortion on demand, his abandonment of the biblical definition of marriage and his support for homosexual uber-rights, and his administration outright attack on religious liberty. I stand by what I said in my post last night, that it was a sin to vote for this man.

What does this say about our electoral process? What does this say about the nature of political campaigns? And more so, what does this say about the American people? Nothing good, in my opinion. Yet, while this is tough to comprehend from a patriotic, nationalistic perspective, when we look at our nation through the lens of Scripture, biblical theology, and the gospel, this is really just the natural state of man running its course. Continue reading “Electoral post-mortem: Where do we go from here?”