Charlotte NBC TV affiliate on Steven Furtick and Elevation Church

My hometown NBC affiliate (WCNC) has been running an exposé on Steven Furtick and the church he pastors, Elevation, which in eight years has grown to a reported 14,000 attenders in several locations which view his sermon remotely.

Though I do not live in the Charlotte area anymore, I have great interest in this story and what is going on with this group because I personally know several who attend. Some used to go to my home church, but have left for various reasons.

This much is clear: Steven Furtick and Elevation are the flavor of the month and the last few years. What he is doing is working inasmuch as people are coming. But then again, that is not the determining factor of success in ministry. Joel Osteen draws his ten thousands as well. Continue reading “Charlotte NBC TV affiliate on Steven Furtick and Elevation Church”