Come out from among them: A strong recommendation for Christians to flee government schools

The time has come to make a strong plea based on a conviction my wife and I have had for quite some time.

Christian, get your children out of government-run (i.e. public) schools.

As a believer and as a pastor, I have never hesitated when the topic of schools has come up to let my opinion be known about them. Before I was married and had children of my own I had decided that, as a father, I would not send my children to public schools. As a matter of fact, my then-girlfriend, presumptive fiance, and future wife had a pretty heated argument about it. I won. But the point is, I’ve long felt the way I do about public schools. When asked I’ve given my opinion. When discussions of schools have come up I’ve given my opinion. But as a pastor I have not gone all the way in telling others they needed to get their children out of public schools.

That has to change. Continue reading “Come out from among them: A strong recommendation for Christians to flee government schools”

Good advice for parenting young children

Yesterday Steve McKoy posted a very helpful blog entitled “Advice For Parenting Young Kids.” As a father of four, aged 9, 4, 3, 2, I found a lot of good stuff here. I was glad to see I was already doing some of these things, but was also convicted to know that as a parent, a Christian, a pastor, I also still wrestle with sin and thus fall short of my own ideal for what I want the father of my children to be.

I want to do a better job with my own children for the glory of God. I hope, especially if you parent young children like me, that you’ll check out the post and consider how you might do the same.

Parents, you are your children’s teacher, 24/7

Your morning commute, if not already slower, soon will be. Schools are getting back into session, and thus, the routines of September through May will return.

It is a sad commentary on our culture that many fathers and mothers view this time of year with great relief, thinking that now the kids will learn. Now there will be six to eight hours each weekday where the children are occupied, and consequently for the most part, out of their hairs.

Of course, parenthood doesn’t come to a screeching halt with the dawn of a new school year, and the previous paragraph might be viewed as some as an overreaction to the worst of situations. To a degree that might be true. However, it is an undeniable reality that many parents check out, whether actively or passively, with regards to the education of their children because someone else is doing the teaching. Continue reading “Parents, you are your children’s teacher, 24/7”