God is Pro-Life (Gen 9:1-7)

Author’s Note: I am preaching through Genesis on Wednesday nights. Here I will present edited notes in blog form. You can listen to the sermon below and download it here. May God be glorified and His people edified. Comments below if you like.

We have to remember that God is the God of eternity, and if the study of Genesis has shown us anything it is that the problems we face today as sinners have their root at the introduction of sin in the Garden, and the resultant curse, but that there is hope — eternal hope — found in fearing the LORD, trusting in the LORD, which necessarily entails obeying His commandments.

We’ve also seen what happens when men don’t obey God’s commandments, when they don’t fear Him, trust in Him. Most recently, we’ve seen the entire population of earth — with the exception of eight faithful men and women, represented by the head of the family, Noah — the entire population of the earth blotted out, washed away by a global, catastrophic Flood. But hope came at the end of the Flood. In chapter eight that the waters subsided, Noah and his family got off the ark, and the first thing he did was worship the LORD. The old world was dead, but by the grace and mercy of God he, his wife, his sons, and their wives had their lives preserved to forge humanity’s way — under God — in a new world. Noah makes an altar and sacrifices clean animals. All of this is pleasing to God. He smells the soothing aroma.

And then curiously, in 8:21, He says to Himself, not others, “I will never again curse the ground on account of man, for the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth; and I will never again destroy every living thing, as I have done.” He says this to Himself in chapter eight. But now, as chapter nine begins, He will once again speak to man, and specifically to Noah. We pick up in Genesis 9:1: Continue reading “God is Pro-Life (Gen 9:1-7)”